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Increase Sales Velocity, Business & Social Intelligence = New Sales
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How Busfeed does add value to your Business?

Search Business

Searchable Business directory
Busfeed let you search a directory of about 20million US businesses, information include contact names, phone, fax, email, locations address, number of employees and revenue amount.

Integrated CRM

Integrated CRM
Manage accounts, contacts and task is easy; Busfeed provide an integrated calendar to manage your activity so you can focuses on your business. Import or exports from excel with few clicks.

Email Marketing

Email Marketing
Why pay more just for email marketing? Busfeed let you create and manage email campaign directly within your CRM; it does not get any easier than that.

Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence
Our daily watchlist report provides key event information on your account and contacts, such as: Funding, IPO, management change, layoff, new location and more to keep you up-to-date.

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Quick Facts

Companies employing Sales 2.0 innovations are increasing sales by 35% and more.
As a result, of Sales 2.0 innovations, sales leaders can engage more prospects, generate revenue faster, and achieve quicker ROI while accelerating their overall business results.
A company deploying the right mix of Sales 2.0 solutions is a more effective revenue machine that achieves higher sales volume at a greater velocity.


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