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This document describes a list of Programmatic command required to interact with BusFeed application from your own application or from a third party application.


This resource is use to perform a business search and retrieve data as XML result. Each call is authenticate with two tokens: API key and Client Key; a query text is also required.


GET  http://www.busfeed.com/api/Search.aspx?apk=<API Key>&ruk=<Account Key>&q=<Query Text>&rmax=<Record Count>


Advanced Search Parameters: n=<Business Name>&st=<Street>&c=<City>&s=<State>&z=<Zip Code>&cy=<County>&ca=<Business Category>





  • apk: API Key

    Example: 615B8055-41C7-40A1-B2B2-CC6C34BB007E

    This is a string of characters generated by the Busfeed team which uniquely identifies the API version. It is available from the User profile page under the Available API versions section.

  • ruk: User Key

    Example: 5035C9AA-AA70-4D4A-A412-313A521CF873

    Registrer User Key, available only to account with API feature, this string of character is automatically generated at both system and user request. The User Key is use to authenticate each API call against an active user account. This key is available on the user profile page; click Change User Key to request a change.

  • q: Query Text

    This is basically the search term for the system search algorithm to work with; result will be all business record matching the query text with no regard to business data section. The query text has a low priority over any advanced search parameter in the same request, if any advanced search parameter is supplied the query parameter will be ignored.

  • n: Business Name, st: Street, c: City, s: State, z: Zip Code, cy: County, ca: Business Category,
    ex: Employee Maximum, em: Employee Minimum, rx: Revenue Maximum, rm: Revenue Minimum

    Advanced search parameters are designed as a feature to target specific section of business metadata when performing business search. All combination these parameters are allowed; any advanced search parameter overrides the query text, so if the query text is supplied along with any advanced search parameter the query text will be ignored.




The response document to API call is XML formatted for easy portability and quick integration.


HTTP Status Codes

Status codeDescription
200 OKRequest processed successfully.
401 UnauthorizedInvalid API Key or Invalid Registered User Key
403 ForbiddenRequest was blocked because call limit is reached.
500 Internal Server ErrorSomething went wrong on the system. Please contact us apisupport@busfeed.com for assistance.


XML Schema - xsd

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?> 
<xs:schema xmlns:xs="http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema">
<xs:element name="busfeed_result">
    <xs:element name="header">
    <xs:attribute name="record_count" type="xs:NMTOKEN" use="required" /> 
    <xs:element name="data_record">
    	<xs:element name="data_column">
    	   <xs:attribute name="id" type="xs:NMTOKEN" use="required" /> 
		   <xs:attribute name="name" type="xs:string" use="required" /> 


Example XML

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?>
  <header record_count="100">Sucessfull Search Call to API</header>
  <data_column id="P_ID" name="P_ID">8619505</data_column>
  <data_column id="NAME" name="NAME">Norton Outdoor Advertising</data_column>
  <data_column id="STREET" name="STREET">5280 Kennedy Ave</data_column>
  <data_column id="CITY" name="CITY">Cincinnati</data_column>
  <data_column id="CITY_ALTERNATE" name="CITY_ALTERNATE">Hamilton</data_column>
  <data_column id="STATE" name="STATE">OH</data_column>
  <data_column id="ZIP" name="ZIP">45213-2699</data_column>
  <data_column id="WEB_SITE" name="WEB_SITE">www.norton-outdoor.com</data_column>
  <data_column id="TEL" name="TEL">5136314864</data_column>
  <data_column id="FAX" name="FAX">5136314676</data_column>
  <data_column id="CONTACT" name="CONTACT">Tom Norton</data_column>
  <data_column id="CONTACT_TITLE" name="CONTACT_TITLE">President</data_column>
  <data_column id="CONTACT_SEX" name="CONTACT_SEX">M</data_column>
  <data_column id="NUM_EMPLOYEE" name="NUM_EMPLOYEE">Unavailable</data_column>
  <data_column id="ANNUAL_REVENUE" name="ANNUAL_REVENUE">7,627,000</data_column>
  <data_column id="SIC_CODE" name="SIC_CODE">731201</data_column>
  <data_column id="CATEGORY" name="CATEGORY">Advertising-Outdoor</data_column>
  <data_column id="CATEGORY1" name="CATEGORY1"></data_column>


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