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How Busfeed Goes to Work for You

How Busfeed Goes to Work for You

Create Targeted Sales and Marketing Lists

Busfeed is a proprietary search engine. It is enormously powerful and resourceful. You can create business and contact lists for purposes of marketing and sales throughout the United States, export to Excell or into any CRM package. If you use direct mail house services, the .csv and comma delimited formats works for them too.

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Advanced Business search

You can…
Search, filter and sort for business using a range of criteria: Street, City, Country, State, Zip, Revenue, Staff Size, Industry Category and more. Find and map any business location.

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Advanced Business search

Create Watch List of Target Prospects

Enter your target prospects into Busfeed. You can do this with a single "click to add", enter manually one at a time or use the import wizard to load them into Busfeed all at once. You can always add or remove others at any time.

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Searcheable Account List

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Simple elegant account view

Choose Business & Social Intel Sources to Track

Busfeed provides you with numerous resources for tracking your targets and customers. Whether it’s Business Week, LinkedIn® , Facebook®, you choose which resources provides you the best information and insights.

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Multi-Sources live business Intel

Stay Abreast of Target List Companies and Contacts

Busfeed works 24/7 while you are focused on day-to-day sales activities. Working in the background, Busfeed searches numerous business intelligence and social network sites within your Watch List to uncover data that can move you through the sales pipeline smarter and faster.

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Account Target List

Receive Daily Digest

To optimize your day and maximize your results, Busfeed will deliver updates about your target or customer companies or contacts. You receive this Daily Digest in your email every day.

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Daily Intel Report

Manage and Track Activities

Tools built within Busfeed allow you to track and manage key insights and data and basic sales activities, such as notes, reminders, call-backs, meetings and follow up.

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Activity management

Execute on Sales Strategy

Armed with social intelligence, use knowledge and insights gained to execute on a tailored strategy to target the right people, have relevant conversations and leverage your relationships.

Share Leads

Busfeed allows you to forward business, contact and mapping location with a message to anyone with an email address.

Busfeed recognizes that sales people today are challenged with doing more with less while pipeline cycle times extend longer and longer and quota levels remain the same or higher.

At Busfeed, we are committed to improving the tools for sales reps to be more productive by increasing their sales intelligence. Sales intelligence is Sales 2.0.

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