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Frequently asked questions and answers

1. What is Busfeed?

Busfeed is a business search engine; build with the purpose of building more precise mailing list.
Busfeed is a powerful marketing tool for businesses who want to contact and sale to other businesses.
We want you to send letters to Businesses you actually want to engage with, not just a random list of potential clients.
Busfeed let you find out who the main contact is at the Business location; We want you to give a sales call to a real person and stop unproductive cold calls.


2. How do Busfeed get its data?

We get our data by aggregation of publicly available bulk mailing list and various crawling application we created on the internet.
In other words we by bulk mailing list from different vendors and gather business data on the internet; all this data is mixed up and organized in our data center to produce Busfeed.


3. How do you maintain data up to date?

We maintain data up to date by gathering user update from our web site and regularly run update from bulk mailing list and the internet.


4. Why should I register my business with Busfeed?

You should register you Business on Busfeed for one simple reason: You want people to find your business.
A big chunk of our users are individuals, potential direct customer for you. Companies’ uses mailing list to create their relational network, you don’t want to miss out on that.


5. Can individuals use Busfeed?

Absolutely yes, you can use it to find shops, restaurants and other services on specific streets, city, zip code area or even county.
We event heard of people using Busfeed to find business contact and follow up on job applications. Yes you can use Busfeed to find out who is the main contact to get help in your job search process.


6. Do you sell top position in search result?

Absolutely not, results are based on our search algorithm ranking mechanism. It uses the same criteria for all businesses in our data repository, giving all businesses the same chance to appear at top position during search.



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